What we feed our Great Danes

Here are most of the things that we feed our Great Danes: Chicken and beef are alternated.

Chicken and/or beef are the main part of the mail, along with the other things mentioned as well.

Small chunked/ground beef
Chicken wings (ground) or Chicken necks (ground)
Tripe (when we have it available) (A small amount along with the other things listed below)
Turkey necks (whole) (We hold them with a paper towel for them while they crunch them up)
Sometimes a little liver or beef heart too, but mostly the items above.

All food is kept in containers in the refrigerator or freezer until needed.

List of things in each meal:

1/4 cup of large curd cottage cheese
Large spoonful of plain yogurt
1/4 of an apple cut into small chunks (we feed red Delicious type apples)
1/4 cup of shredded carrots
Large heaping spoonful of collard greens, broccoli, zucchini, cilantro, spinach, kale and sometimes beets that we have already put through the food processor. We make enough up for several days and keep in tupperware in the refrigerator to keep fresh.
Small handful of bean sprouts and also alfalfa sprouts
A heaping scoopful of Sodium Ascorbate (vitamin c) www.bronsonvitamins.com/50A
A spoonful of ground raw sunflower seeds - unsalted
A spoonful of ground flax seeds - www.fabulousflaxseed

In the summertime, Farmer’s Markets are great for fresh veggies.

We mix all of these things together in their bowls with water like a slop consistency.
They eat it right up twice a day.

Sometimes in between meals we give them turkey necks, preferable Tom sized necks instead of the hen necks, which are smaller.

They love this diet and we have had great success with it for many, many years. Our Danes are very healthy and their coats are excellent. Nice and shiny for sure, especially the blacks.

They grow more consistently and even on a raw diet. We feed this to them right away when we get a new puppy. We haven’t had dog food in the house since at least 1997 or before.

Sometimes we feed Grain Free Satin Balls, if they need a little more weight, or decide at some point not to eat their normal meal, especially if there is a bitch in season. Diets change for a while at that time for a few weeks.

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