Rudy, Vincere's Valentino

Born: December 6, 1990

This is Rudy, in his younger days, with Dick Schaefer practicing at a dog show in Phoenix. He was shown from 1991-1993.  Rudy is Mary Ann's first show dog. She joined the Great Dane Club of Arizona in 1990, and set out to find her first Great Dane.

Rudy's Pedigree

Rudy's Pedigree - Larger version

Rudy is out of "Fridge",  CH Von Shrado's I'm A Knockout and Vincere's Carezza.

Rudy's breeder is Vicki Vittorino from Las Vegas, Nevada. She owns a grooming shop called Puppy Love.


Here is Rudy with his white bow tie on with Denny and Mary Ann at their wedding. December 26, 1993. You can click on the picture to see a larger version if you like. Here is One more with a little better lighting.

Rudy at our wedding. Click on the photo to see his pedigree.

Denny and Rudy in our house in Phoenix in 1994.

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