Voodoo (Wifasa's Black Magic OA AXJ)

The 2 photos above were taken by Rick & Peggy Rodgers, of Quadign Co.

Voodoo also easily earned her CGC certificate.  Voodoo took her first agility class when she was 2 years old.  Both Voodoo's and Deb's first ever agility competition took place in July of 2003.  Voodoo earned her Novice agility titles in 2004:  NAJ in February and NA in May.  She also earned her Open agility titles in 2004:  OAJ in July and OA in November.  Voodoo did so well in 2004 that she earned the honor of Top Great Dane in Open Agility for that year. 

These 2 pictures, one above and one below, are courtesy of Amy Johnson of Great Dane Photos

Competing in the Excellent level is a bit more challenging, and allows for no mistakes.  Voodoo earned her Excellent Agility Jumper (AXJ) in May of 2005.  We continue to compete, and perhaps more Qualifying runs will come, perhaps not.  Regardless, Voodoo loves agility so much she's fun to watch and has developed a quite a local fan base.  We do our best to provide entertainment value!

Voodoo and Deb

Voodoo (Wifasa's Black Magic RE OA AXJ) is shown here earning her Rally Advanced title at the Northstar Working Group's Rally trial the end of January, 2007.  Win photo courtesy of GreatDanePhotos.

  Voodoo followed up by earning her Rally Excellent title at the Wright County Kennel Club's Rally trial in March, 2007.


Northstar Working Group Obedience and Rally Trial in Hugo, MN

Voodoo earned two RAE legs by Qualifying in both Rally Excellent B and Rally Advanced B both Saturday and Sunday, January 26 and 27, 2008. Sunday she also placed 5th in Excellent B and 3rd in Advanced B. Saturday she was the High Scoring Great Dane in Rally.

Way to go Voodoo and Deb!!

Voodoo (Wifasa's Black Magic) Double-Qualified in both Rally Excellent B and Rally Advanced B on both Saturday and Sunday to earn her Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE) title !!  (That's  the highest title you can earn in Rally Obedience, requiring ten Double-Q's.)  (January 2008)

Woohoo!! Good girls!


Voodoo had a wonderful outing at the 2011 CPE Agility Nationals held June 10-12 in Lake Elmo, MN.

In addition to 1st place qualifying runs in both Wildcard and Colors, she won the 3rd Place High In Games Award for 24 " Enthusiast! (The Enthusiast height category is like AKC Preferred; jump height is 4" lower with some additional course time.)

I'm very proud of her spirit and tenacity.

Photo (c) Carol Fjellanger Photography