Weight Pulling Events

These are events that you can get involved in, with your dogs, any kind of dogs. It helps build conditioning, stamina and focus. We have some photos of the Minnesota Mixed Breed Club's UKC Weight Pull Trials on April 14, 2007. Several other clubs hold these events, so it is not limited to any kind of breed of dog.

Ann Porwoll, a member of our Heart of Minnesota Great Dane Club has been training with her brindle Great Dane, Akena, recently and Akena loves to pull. Ann says Akena has really built up muscle mass all over her body.

Ann, Akena and Judge Danny Bessant

Ann has been mentored by Robbie and Tim Hiltz of A-1 Dog Training. Robbie and Tim have been trying to build up interest in these events around the Twin Cities so that more dogs can participate and have fun too. Ann can attest to the fact that not just Akena is working and having fun, but she is also getting a workout while anxiously coaxing Akena to pull as fast as she can. Sometimes Ann has to hurry and get out of her way once she starts pulling. Akena is fast!!!!

You can start out teaching your dog that there is something behind them with just a plastic milk bottle with a few rocks in it to add a little weight make a little noise. After they are used to that you can use an old tire with a rope attached to it and have them pull that behind them. A Great Dane will graduate pretty fast because of their size and strength. It is best not to start pulling heavy things until they are at least a year old so that most of their growing is done. 

Ann and Akena started pulling this past winter (2006-2007) outside in the snow with a sled on skis. After experiencing several falls on her back and posterior, Ann discovered the use of cleats on the bottom of her boots from a spectator. A trip to Fleet Farm clinched the deal and all was well for the next pull.

You aren't allowed to touch your dog while they are pulling, unless your time is up for a particular pull. Then it is encouraged to help the dog follow through the rest of the pull with praise so they learn it is a fun event. Hopefully they will do better the next time, which could be shortly after the last pull.

An event lasts until the last dog is left to pull the highest weight of the day. Akena and Rikki, Robbie and Tim's St. Bernard, were neck and neck pulling their weight class in April so they were both getting real tired. After getting up to 1800 lbs. of cement blocks placed on a cart to pull, the cart wheels start to flatten out slightly, so it is harder to get started pulling at that weight. Once they get the cart moving, usually the dog will finish the pull.

The weekend of April 14th and 15th, 2007 they had the experience of pulling with a cart on wheels indoors at Tails Up Dog Training in Lakeville, MN. They came in 2nd place for the day which is pretty exciting! Robbie and Tim have great praise for Ann and Akena. Robbie says they have come a long ways real fast.


Akena pulling a load of cement blocks as an assistant and a brakeperson attend the pull.

You can see the skis on the inside by the tires under the cart. The tires are taken off for use in the winter time for outdoor pulls.


Another pull with more cement blocks added to the load.

Go Akena!!!!

Akena pulled 2060 lbs. of cement blocks on Saturday and 2174 lbs on Sunday that weekend. She earned her 1st leg toward her weight pulling title on Saturday and her 2nd one on Sunday, when she came in 2nd place over all again that day too.

Mary Ann Land and Lyn Peterson were part of her cheering section that day. It was just amazing to them how much a dog can really do, and she liked doing it too! Once she got going, there was just about no stopping her. She was really excited!!!

Here is a link to an article that Mary Anne Zanetos wrote for Dane World a few years ago when she was participating in Weight Pulling with her dane Carmen, CH Rojon's Loveletter.

See more photos from that day's event.

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