Minnesota Mixed Breed Club

UKC Weight Pull Clinic

March 14, 2009

Deb Merritt and Bayou

Deb Merritt with her Great Dane, Bayou

Bayou and Deb getting ready to pull.

Bayou's Homepage


Floyd getting hooked up!

Stephanie Bielat hanging out with Floyd while he gets hooked up!

Watch another movie of Floyd.

Floyd 3   Floyd 4

Sassy learning to weight pull

Sassy learning to pull for the first time with daddy's help.

See a video of Sassy weight pulling too!

Sassy's Homepage

St. Bernard puppy

Tim and Robbie Hiltz' Saint Bernard puppy Dreamer.

St. Bernard puppy learning weight pulling

Robbie Hiltz is instructing everyone how to weight pull with their dogs. Dreamer, Scandia's Dreamcatcher Heezedoorn was bred by Scandia Saints in Glencoe, MN.  Dreamer is being guided along by Sabrina Griebel. Tim, Robbie's husband, is helping to hookup the dog to the harness.

Another Saint puppy learning to pull under Robbie and Tim's guidance. This is Dogan and his owner Deb Kettering.

One of the Samoyeds getting ready to pull.

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