2003 HMGDC Specialty


These are pictures of  Lynn Cooch and Diane Monson with their boxer and danes.  
It was to show what the pictures would look like from the person that was donating a 
photo oportunity as one of the raffle prizes.


2003 HMGDC After Show Party -

Ann Heinrich, Lynn Cooch

Ann Heinrich in purple, Lori Beilke in red, Lori Nordhausen sitting in white,

Fay Rogstad is standing with her hand raised, Lynn Cooch with her back to the

camera and her friend Diane on the right. 

They are selling and buying raffle tickets for all the great prizes there were to win.


One of the raffle tables. Margaret Ontl's uncle made the dane cutouts for us.


This is a great pencil drawing done by Jerry Lobato.  

There were fine dane jewelry pieces, a crystal with a dane lazered out
in the middle of the crystal that is setting on an illuminated base, dane statues and a piece done by Louise Peterson as well as many other nice dane collectibles.


Margaret Ontl and her little raffle helpers, Lori Beilke's daughter and Nancy Parker's daughter, Jordi


What else could top off a great after show party but a birthday cake. It was Margaret Ontl's birthday
and we all got a piece of cake. It was too bad that they had to cut through those nice
pictures of Max, her great dane. Jay, Margaret's husband, surprised her with this cake.
What a nice guy!!!!


2003 HMGDC Specialty

After Show Dinner

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