After Show Dinner

Our Judges, Karen and Dale Desjardins, are at the end of the table on the left, Lynn Peterson next to Karen and Ann Porwoll is the closest person on the left. Monica Alves is at the end of the table with her back to the camera. Natalie Alves is on the right, Dale Hrbacek and his wife are at the end on the right and Wilbur Von Mosch is at the far end of the table.

Lynn Cooch, Diane Monson, Julie Cohrs Barker on the left


Wilbur Von Mosch and Dale Desjardins, (Karen is sitting on the other side of Dale) one of our judges. Left side: Karen Hrbacek, Dale Hrbacek, Melinda Alves, Natalie Alves, Monica Alves.


On the left side of the picture: Diane Levin, Sid Levin, Janet Stoffel and a friend, Margaret Ontl

On the right side of the picture: Janet Quick, Mary Lee Williams, Larry Williams, Denny Land


Dale Hrbacek, Larry Williams, Wilbur Von Mosch, Denny Land

Wilbur Von Mosch


Greg Myrhan and Nancy Parker on the right.



Dale and Karen Desjardins, Barbara Renkosiewicz and Dale Hrbacek


Silent Auction items


Raffle items


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