Pumpkin and Tarzan

Tarzan and Pumpkin playing in the Minnesota winter snow in the backyard.


Pumpkin looking out the window


Ch. Sheenwater Candle in the Dark

Pumpkin taking first place in our competitive veterns class at our HMGDC Specialty in August 1998 with  Judge Anna Mary Kaufman and  handler Jessie Gerszewski.

Congratulations to Pumpkin, she has received the Venerable Award from the GDCA. 10 years of living the good life with Diane and Sid.




She is a very pretty girl!


Alba and Pumpkin keeping warm next to the fire on a nice day in October, 2002 


Pumpkin at 11 years and 9 months of age.

Pumpkin has gone to be with her brother, Tarzo, in puppy dog heaven now, February 3, 2003. She was only 9 days shy of her 12th birthday. She lived a good long life and will be greatly missed. She was a very good girl and good friend to Sid and Diane. Sleep well sweetheart.


Tarzan is in puppy dog heaven with Pumpkin. He is greatly missed by Sid and Diane and all his fellow doggie friends. Sleep well friend.