Leslie Belz' Great Danes


 Horus is making a jump on the agility course.

Photo taken by Sharp Shooter.


Horus is a Rescue dane that Leslie acquired through the Heart of Minnesota Great Dane Club. He came from Chicago and was being used for Pit Bull fights before being rescued .

He has 3 years of Obedience and Agility training with titles in Novice, Open and Excellent. He also has his Canine Good Citizen title along with being a Therapy Dog at Regions Hospital.

He has been a demo dog for Agility in parades and at one of our local sports teams, the Timberwolves, games.

He ran in the Humane Society Run when he was 3 years old and had TPLO surgery when he was 4 years old.

When Horus has time for fun, he likes driving the pontoon boat and sniffing flowers and taking walks through the woods. He is 9 years old now and enjoying life being a senior citizen. (2005)


Horus in the Old West!!!

The Old West photos are courtesy of Zilverberg Photography in Andover, MN


Carley, Isis and Horus in a Christmas picture. Good puppies!!!!!

Carley is Lori Marthe's Great Dane. Isis and Horus belong to Leslie.


Horus - Halloween 2006



Leslis, Isis and Horus

RA, Leslie's 2 year old Cornish Rex and Nuit, her 2 year old Sphinx are wondering what is going on with all that kissing. Horus is just showing mommy how much he loves being together getting their picture taken every year. He is a happy boy.


Horus doing the weave poles with Leslie at halftime at a Minnesota Timberwolves game.

The A-frame

Run fast............


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