Lamona Great Danes


About Us

Our first Great Dane was purchased in 1997, a fawn bitch, who won our hearts over immediately, so much so that within 3 months we had purchased our second Great Dane, a brindle dog from the same litter. Our first intent was just to have a couple of family dogs, but as they grew into beautiful dogs and we were exposed to the dog show world, we decided to try showing them to see if judges would find them as beautiful as we did. We owner handled the bitch to her AKC championship. We decided we didn't like the front end on the male, and stopped showing him. We take a lot of pride in the fact that every dog we have has been breeder/owner handled to their AKC championships.

We live in Saint Paul, Minnesota and are members of the Heart of Minnesota Great Dane Club. A litter is bred only when we want a puppy from it ourselves. Since our dogs are members of our family and live in our house, we only have a litter about every 3 to 4 years. We strive to breed a well balanced dog, not only good in temperament, but also health, and as close to the breed standard as we can. Our dogs are health tested before breeding for Hips/Elbows OFA, CERF, Thyroid OFA, Heart OFA, CHIC #s. We enjoy spending time with our dogs activities including hiking, obedience training, conformation training and some tracking.

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Monica and Natalie Alves