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Important Medical Information


Animal CPR Before Surgery Dr Jean Dodds Thyroid Document Dr. Jean Dodds Thyroid Testing
Ear Taping (PDF format)     Dr. Dodds 2007 Vaccine information
GDCA ER Vet Listing GDCA Vet List (with maps) Metro ER Vet Service Vets in the Minneapolis Metro Area

The first 2 lines of links are the articles from Purina about Health for Great Danes. Below are descriptions of the other  links above.

Animal CPR

Here is a good pamphlet to have available wherever you are with your dog. Save a Life: Learn Animal CPR

Before Surgery

The Great Dane Club of America has developed a set of guidelines for anesthesia and surgery in Great Danes, aimed at reducing the risk of certain complications that may be more prevalent in giant-breed dogs. Please reference the link above fore more details.

Bloat Information

First Aid Information on the possibility of saving your dane from bloat
with pictures and information on where to obtain a bloat kit.

Ear Taping

Proper ear taping is very important if you want to have good looking ears  on your dane. Taping can make or break a great looking Great Dane. You paid to have them cropped, so don't waste your money by not keeping them taped up correctly. The link above has a little information on one way that will help you accomplish this. Click on the links above.


GDCA ER Vet Listings

Possible Great Dane Vet Listings and Emergency Vet Listings and map locations are now up on the GDCA website. These are listings that have been suggested by club members to help assist anyone that is looking for a vet who is familiar with great danes. Click on Veterinarians in the Minneapolis Metro Area. Otherwise if you are on the main GDCA homepage, you can click on "Great Dane", "Health and Welfare" and   then "Emergency Clinics" and it will take you there also.

GDCA Vet List

This is an ongoing list that will have PDF files with maps for Vets locations around the United States and Canada that have been suggested as Vets  that treat Great Danes. It is constantly being revised and updated to find the best way to navigate the list. Please bear with us as it is being built.

Metro Emergency Vet Services

Metro Emergency Vet Service in the Minneapolis Metro area:
Coon Rapids (north metro), Eden Prairie (southwest metro),
Golden Valley (Hwy 55-west metro) and St. Cloud
Click on the link below for more information.


Dr. Jean Dodds Lecture


This document is the handout that Dr. Dodds gave us at her seminar when she was here in November of 2005. It was a very interesting 2 day experience. She is very knowledgeable in her field and we could probably have been there at least a week with all that she had to share with us. It was very worthwhile listening to her speak.


Vets in the Minneapolis Metro Area


This is a listing of Vets in the Minneapolis surrounding metropolitan area that members of our Heart of Minnesota Great Dane Club have used and recommend for treating Great Danes. Also listed, along with maps of their locations, are Emergency Vets, which are the same as the listing above for the Metro Emergency Vet Services. They are just able to be printed out on this PDF format so you can keep a copy handy in case you need it. This document also appears on the Great Dane Club of America website.