2004 Awards Banquet (December 2004)   Axel's Restaurant


Frank Ontl, Marge Ontl, Nancy Parker's daughter Jordan, Nancy Parker, and on the right side is
Gene Kruckenberg in the back, Jen Kruckenberg next to him, then Margaret Ontl and in front is Jay Griggs across from Frank..

Gene, Jen and Margaret are shown in another picture further down the page.

President Ann Porwoll shaking hands with Frank Ontl, Margaret Ontl's dad. She presented him an award for
all his hard work and dedication to helping the club by donating many nice wooden great dane cutouts
as raffle donations. Margaret's mom, Marge, as well as several other members of the Ontl family, helped out
in the process. You can see some of those things by going to one of our show pages.
The dane cutouts are just some of the work that they do.

Frank and Marge after winning the award

They're really laughing now. Jenny must have made a good joke!!!
That's our Jenny, always making people smile.

Kym Hoversten, Diane Monson, Lynn Cooch

Gene and Jen Kruckenberg, Margaret Ontl and Jay Griggs.

Natalie, Melinda and Monica Alves
Lynn Cooch is in the foreground really close to the flash!!!!!

Gene Kruckenberg accepting the award for earning a CD title on
their dane "Cooper", Shinon's Bright-Rayed Copernicus CD

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