2003 Awards Banquet (December 2003)   Axel's Restaurant

Nancy Parker, Jay Herman, Sid Levin, Diane Levin and Jackie Herman
Jordie, Nancy's daughter didn't want her picture taken so she is hiding.

Jay and Margaret Ontl, Ann Porwoll, Lyn Peterson and her friend Burt,  Natalie Alves

Diane Monson , Lynn Cooch, Ann Heinrich, Lori Nordhausen and Leslie Belz

Can you believe it?  I was taking pictures of everyone else but I forgot to get one of our table
. Here is as much as I got of it when I was taking a picture of the Christmas tree.
What a bummer. Darn it. Well, Jan Moen and her husband Jeff and Jennifer Jaynes and
Mary Ann Land were sitting at this table too. In the picture before this one,
you can barely see Jan Moen and Jennifer Jaynes in the background
The people you can see, unfortunately not much of their faces were showing
were Judy Jaynes on the left with red hair, then Gene Kruckenberg and Jenny Kruckenberg.
I am sorry about that. I thought I took our picture already. Guess I'll do better next year.

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