Titan before getting the harness on with Susan Lehr

David and Susan Lehr with their boy Titan. Titan was wearing Gabby Land's new harness at the Friday weight pull. He did very well for his first time in a harness and pulling weight. He's a natural at it! He took top honors in pulling the most weight pulled.

Titan getting started.....Pullllllllllllllllllllll Titan!!!!!


Tim Hiltz with his back to us. Club members in the photo are Deb Merritt, Gene Kruckenberg, Margaret Ontl and Julie Kenny.

Tim and Robbie Hiltz have St. Bernards that they have been doing weight pulling with for quite a while. They belong to the St. Bernard Club here in the cities. They also show in conformation as well as teach conformation and obedience classes.


Kristen Kenney with Bogart getting ready while Robbie is hooking him up.

Come on Bo!!! Let's go!

Tim Hiltz with their St. Bernard Lilly. Ann Porwoll is the break person on the end of the cart.

Bo is waiting his turn in his nice crate with the convertible roof!

Almost ready to line up for the pull!

Come on Bo!! Pull!!!!!!

Good boy Bogart!!

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