Ginny Vlaanderen, Kymm Cowley, Lori Nordhausen, Nancy Parker, Greg Myhran, girl at the head of the table ???, Jordan Myhran, Gene Kruckenberg, Jen Kruckenberg

Lori Beilke, Gene Kruckenberg, Jen Kruckenberg, ???

Ginny Vlaanderen, Kymm Cowley, Lori Nordhausen,


Ann Porwoll on the end, Marilyn Draper's husband behind Ann, Marilyn Draper, Marsh Stoner, Patrice Lawrence, Sue Mahany, Kathy Melnyk. Back down on the right side next to Ann is Mary Lee Williams, Lourdes Carvajal and Janet Quick.


Anita Dunn, Sue Jedynak, Jan Parrish Hendon, Jerry Wiechens, Myra Stusek, John Stusek, Mike Freeman


Glen and Kelly Tait (left side of picture, Ann Heinrich next to Glen, Rachelle and Mark VanderWaal in the back and Judy and Jennifer Jaynes on the right next to Kelly.

Terry Troy, Jay Griggs, Linda Herod with her back to the camera, Margaret Ontl next to her dad and her mom is at the end of the table.

Linda Herod, Randy Herod and Isabel Troy


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