HMGDC 2003 Specialty Show Party

Natalie and Laura Alves on the left. Lyn Peterson is sitting behind her friend Burt.

From left to right - Diane Levin, Janet Quick, Jessie Gerszewski, Jennifer Tritschler-Jabocs, Mary Lee Williams
standing at the end of the table, Don Carmody, Mary Lou Carmody and our Judges, Lisa Foltz and Lisa DeRoulet

Sid Levin is at the end of the table and Linda and Randy Herod are on the right.

Jessie is getting and making phone calls from across the country checking on show results. Very important business!

From the left: Larry Williams, Jan Moen, Gene Kruckenberg on the end and Willie and Kathleen Robinson on the right.

Denny Land on the left, Sid and Diane Levin, Janet Quick, Jessie Gerszewski, Linda and Randy Herod.
Nancy Parker is standing by Janet and Jessie

Mary Lee Williams and Ann Porwoll

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