After Show Party

Dale Tarbox, Janet Quick and Lourdes Carvajal
Dale was our Specialty Judge and Lourdes was our Sweepstakes Judge
Dale did a good job even though she had a little mishap with her arm.

Julie Ford with her back to the camera, Willie and Kathleen Robinson, Larry Williams,
Mary Lee Williams, Gene and Jenny Kruckenberg

Lori Nordhausen, Leslie Belz, Kelly Tait, Glen Tait and below is Ann Heinrich and Lynn Cooch on the right.


Greg Myhran in the forefront, Nancy Parker to the left of Greg and Lori Beilke 2nd to the right and Rena Polachek on the right.

Here is a better picture showing Joy Lobato also next to Nancy Parker

Mark and Wendy Stier and John Stusek

John and Myra Stusek

Whoops, Kathy blinked for a moment. That's ok, we all know she is cute anyway.
Avin and Brad Sherman, Lyn Peterson along with her friend, Natalie Alves at the end
on the right and then Ann Porwoll next to Kathy Melnyk

Margaret Ontl's parents and Aunt and Uncle, Navy and Bill Kelly.
Margaret's Uncle made the dane heads for the center pieces on the table and
also for the mail boxes. What a great job he did. That was great to have such a nice
addition to decorate our tables. I thought I was at the National or something!!!



Here are most of the prizes from our raffle tables at our Post Show Dinner. What a blast! Tons of
good things to win and win we did!!!!!  Great dane mail boxes, great dane wooden statues, even plain wood ones that the
person that made them will custom paint for you. I believe that was Margaret Ontl's uncle that made those for us. They are really cute!
If you didn't attend our show and dinner, you missed a lot of fun.
Maybe you can come next year since you know what fun we can have now!!!!!!!!!!

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