Heart of Minnesota Great Dane Club, Inc.




The HMGDC is doing referrals at this time for rescue.  If you have any questions or referrals you may email them to Diane Levin at serendipitydanes@aol.com or call Diane on 952-469-2830.

Our rescue committee will be handling all rescue issues.

There are a couple of other rescue organizations in our area as well. These groups are not affiliated with the HMGDC, but our members will help to support this group in whatever way they can.

One of the groups is Upper Midwest Great Dane Rescue. Their website is located on this link. http://thegreatdanerescue.com/ Several HMGDC members make up this group.

Another group is Great Dane Rescue of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Their website is http://www.gdromn.org/.

More information is available on their respective websites.