Dam: MeadoWood's Seabreeze

Born: August 31, 2000

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Sunny came to us from Gisela Wood. Thank you Gisela. We are so lucky to have her.  She is the best little girl you could ask for.  She is sweet, loving, has great attitude and is a gorgeous puppy with real character. She loves to chase the boys, Sammy and Rudy, in the yard and will  give out kisses to anyone and she is real smart. She is about 5 1/2 months old in this picture.  We want to thank Jessie and John Gerszewski also for helping in her journey in getting her part of the way home and taking care of her prior to us picking her up and for introducing us to Gisela.  We are so happy to have the chance to have such a nice little girl.  It will be a new experience for us since we previously only have had only boys.


Sunny laying on her newly claimed futon next to her crate. Don't worry Rudy and Sammy, you can use it too!   Rudy: "Yeah, it was mine in the first place kid".  LOL!!


Sunny, Sammy and Rudy playing in the living room


Sunny is investigating all the holes she made in the snow filled back yard.  Before she came, there was only a path around the perimeter of the yard. Now there is hardly a piece of snow that is untouched from Sunny leaping around the yard like a bunny.  If she wanders in a part of the yard that has deeper snow she just hops out of it and dashes off to find a better spot.


Laying beside Sammy with her paws crossed watching Animal Planet!!  What a little lady!


What little angels, snuggling on mommy and daddy's bed. 
Sunny on the left and Sammy on the right.  Sunny is 8 months old in this picture.


Sunny taking Best in Sweepstakes at the GDC of Milwaukee in July, 2001.  Thank you John Jarvis for recognizing our sweet girl and thank you Jessie for doing such a great job showing Sunny.

Sunny with John at our Specialty in August, 2001

You can meet some of Sunny's relatives on the linked pages below.
Sunny's father is Ch. MeadoWood's Ultimate Oliver.
He has many titles in his name but for short, this is his name.

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Terragold Great Danes

We feed a BARF diet. If you want more information on BARF,
go to Sandy Hann's homepage. She has a lot of good informtion on
raising your dog naturally.
 There is also information about BARF in
Minnesota on our All Kinds of Links page under the Raw for Paws website.

To see more Great Dane breeders/owners that feed a BARF diet, go to my Alternative links page.

Here is a graphic write-up on Pyometria. Very informative.

Sunny did not pass away from Pyometria, but she did have Pyo in her lifetime.



January 22, 2006

It is with a very heavy heart that I am writing this. Sunny passed away this afternoon. She was a very nice girl but her whole life she had several problems, mostly allergies, which we tried to keep in check and help her live through it. She was born August 31, 2000. She caught a bug just a couple days ago and it just tanked her system and her heart couldn’t take it any more. We did all we could do to help her. We have a very good relationship with our Vet.

She was always the “boss”. If any of the other guys got out of control, she got in on the action, but she was always a very mellow dog. I miss her so much. She always slept with us and met us at the door when we came home, and wanted nuggies until you would quit, and then be satisfied to retire back to the couch. I am so sorry she never made it to her championship, but she always a champion in my heart. I love you Sunny girl! At least I know she will not have to scratch anymore, and is at peace at last. I am sooooo sorry. Now you are back with the love of your life, "Sammy dog".

Love mommy and daddy, Shadow and Gabby girl.


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