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Rudy and Shadow

This is Rudy, Vincere's Valentino at 11 1/2 years old with Shadow who is 10 weeks old in this picture. He is a real pistol!  We want to thank Vicki Vittorino for letting us have Shadow. He is a relative of Rudy's. Shadow's father is a littermate to Rudy's mother and Rudy's mother also appears on Shadow's mother's side too.

               CH Jecamo's Pieces of Eight
BIS CH Vincere's Consigliori
                    CH Vincere's Rebelro Wildwind

                              CH Hauer's Black Merlin V Camelot
Camelot Vincere's Al Di La
                        CH Camelot Lady Rayna V Chlngr

Shadow's Full Pedigree

Pedigree with links

This is the day that I picked him up in Fargo, N.D.  He is well traveled. He came all the way from Las Vegas in a motorhome via our friend in the GDC of Arizona, Valerie Metcalf. Thank you for doing us a real big favor and transporting Shadow in the summer from the hot climate of Nevada and Arizona. We just love our little Shadow boy.


Here he is keeping real close to daddy Denny while he is letting Rudy have a piece of his mind. What a brave little puppy at such a young age.


The day he came home after being cropped. He really isn't into cups on his head very much but it will do for a while.

Shadow's 1st point

Shadow's 1st point

This is Shadow's first show and his first point. We were really excited that day.  Thank you Judge William C. Stebbins and Jessie Gerszewski for getting us started right from the beginning.

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We feed a BARF diet. If you want more information on BARF, go to Sandy Hann's homepage. She has a lot of good informtion on raising your dog naturally.  

There is also information about BARF in Minnesota on our All Kinds of Links page under the
Raw for Paws website.


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