Denny with Sammy, just out of tape. He liked to call him "Yoda" when he was little.


Sammy enjoying the backyard in the summer time.


1996 GDCA National Specialty sign - courtesy of Zeli Schulte.


Sammy - 96 National

Sammy taking Reserve Winners Dog at the Illini show the day after the
Great Dane Club of America National Specialty in 1996.  Louise Van Alstyne, his breeder, is showing him. He was just 7 months old.

Sammy's Sire's Pedigree     Sammy's Dam's Pedigree


Sammy winning Best Puppy and Best In Sweepstakes at our HMGDC January Specialty show in 1997 under Judge Ms. Kitty Hawkins and handled by John Gerszewski. He was 9 months old.


Best of Opposite at the Clinton, Iowa K.C. - March 1997


Sammy - MN River Valley show

Sammy and John Gerszewski going Best of Winners
Minnesota River Valley show in April 1997.


Sammy is with Jessie winning his first 4 point major at the Waukesha K.C. show in
Waukesha, Wisconsin on July 26, 1998.  We were really excited when Jessie called to give us the good news, but sad that we weren't there to see him win.  Thank you Judge Ms. Jane Mielke.


Sammy - Land O Lakes

This is Sammy getting his 13th point at the cold winter show in Minneapolis at the Land O Lakes K.C. in January 1998 with John Gerszewski.  It was nice of John and Jessie to stay up in the north country in January instead of going on the Florida circuit.


Sammy received his championship under Judge Ralph J. Ambrosio at the GDC of Des Moines on September 4th, 1998.  We are proud parents now!!!!

Ch. Van Alstyne's Call Me The Pic

Sammy sunning his face!

Sammy loved to be in the sunshine....wherever it was!

Sammy sunning his face


Sammy laying in the den while Mary Ann is working at the computer.

See Sammy's sister, Daisy, on her website or on her mom, Elizabeth Schneider's, Facebook page.

See Sammy's brother, Ramsey. He was owned and loved by Ananda and Carrie Arasu

Sammy at 8 years old in 2004

March 12, 1996 - November 22, 2004

My beloved Sammy passed away today, November 22, 2004
He was the best friend you could have asked for. We loved him so much. He was a happy boyand he always liked to be petted and touched. He loved to come up to me when I was sitting on the couch with my feet up, and stand right in front of my feet so I would rub his tummy for him.

He would alway meet me at the top of the stairs and welcome me home and make sure he got lots of lovin'before you could go any further. He was always a very loving dog, the best you could have asked for.

Sleep tight good friend and have fun running and playing with Rudy, Apollo and Rexie. We love you sweetheart.


My friend Julie Kenny presented us with a very nice gift. She painted Sammy's portrait, and I just have to show everyone what a nice job she did . It brought tears to my eyes when I first saw it. It was a perfect likeness to him. I really appreciate all the effort she must have put into a project like that. It moved her enough to want to start painting again.

Thank you so much Julie. It was so kind of you to help us keep Sammy even closer to us. Your talent is much appreciated. You have a god given gift.


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