Linda and Randy Herod's Great Dane Hompage

Linda and Randy have had Great Danes since the early years of the 1960's.
Their first show dane was a 3 year old brindle dane by the name of Fritz.
Fritz died of bloat in 1970 but he had sired a litter of pups from which
they kept 2 puppies, Bell, who was their first Champion and Hero, who was
their first Obedience Dog. At that time, they became members of the
Great Dane Club of Milwaukee. They retired from showing and breeding due to
other lifestyle constraints, but every time the smell of "puppy breath" is there,
the desire to breed is back again.

Today they own "Black Hawk Canine Training Group" which they chartered in 1976.
It is focused on the General Public and 4H Canine Competitive Obedience. It is the
longest canine training organization in their area of the State of Iowa, which is Waterloo.

2005 is their 29th year at Black Hawk Canine Training but Randy began training dogs
almost 35 years ago. They have had over 3000 dogs through their classes
They have 5 trainers who all are, or have been, show people.

Linda and Randy are also canine behaviorists for problem situations, work in canine rescue and placement and offer American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizenship evalutaions and certification.

Below is a picture of Zeus, the dog that they have now.
Zeus is their demonstration dog in their obedience training classes.



Linda Herod is a very gifted artist. She has painted many great dane portraits
that are appreciated tremendously by their recipients. She also assists in designs
of statues including the dog in the picture below. This piece of work is from the Lou "Henry Hoover Memorial Garden" in Waterloo, Iowa. More information is shown below.



Lou "Henry Hoover Memorial Garden"

Designed by sculptor John Jago, from Colorado.

John designed, sculpted, cast in bronze, and installed the first (of six) statues of Lou's life. This is a triple figure statue of an adult Lou Henry Hoover, and her again as a child, with her hand on the head of her dog. It is located on the site of her birth house. The dog is her Field Springer of the 1880's. Linda assisted John in the design of the dog to ensure it was both realistic and representative of that breed of that time.