Photo from a 1965 Dane Dispatch magazine

Honey Hollow High Fashion, handled by Roger Goss. The Judge is Glenn Fancy. The bitch is owned by Roger and Sue Goss of Glorilane Great Danes, Rosemont, Minnesota.

Fashion was Sue and Roger's 1st black bitch, but she was their 2nd black Great Dane. Their 1st black was Honey Hollow Onyx of Danewald, aka Ox.  Both Ox and Fashion were sired by CH Honey Hollow Great Donner, who is pictured below. He was the 1st black Great Dane to ever be top dane in the country. (approximately 1962)

Lina Basquette had Honey Hollow Kennels and was a top handler at that time. Sue says that Lina was her mentor!

The Goss' don't live in that location any longer, but isn't this a great old photo? Thank you Wendy Donati for finding these photos and scanning them for us. Now at least some of the past can be remembered.


The picture above is taken from the 1964 GDCA Yearbook.


Honey Hollow Onyx of Danewold

Honey Hollow Onyx of Danewald

Dane Dispatch magazine - October 1966

(The dog was taken from the magazine, not the background)

Click here to see the pedigree info. (From many years ago)


Above photo is an ad from the Great Dane Reporter magazine, July/August 1979 issue, of Jill Goss going Best Jr. In Sweepstakes at the Great Dane Club of Western Pennsylvania. Trouble is owned by Rog, Sue and Jill* (handling) Goss, Rosemont, Minnesota. 



Echo is with Sue and Roger at our August 2006 Great Dane Specialty Show. She is a beautiful girl. Not quite a dane, but just as loveable. She is very sweet.


We are sorry to say that Roger Goss passed away at his home in Arizona in May 2016. All our club members send our condolences. He was a lifetime club member. Have fun seeing all your past Great Danes in heaven Roger!