She was a great obedience dog when they trained together.
She loved to lean on you to make sure you knew she was there, and she was the love of their life, until one day bloat took her from John and Georgia. 

She can never be replaced in their hearts, but to help heal the pain of their loss, Blue came into their lives.  He is a sweet little boy and he loves his sister Zas.  Patsy will be always watching over them, never to be forgotten.



Isn't he a cute puppy!!!
Ahh!!!! But they grow up.
More to come later...............


Zasu and Blue with Georgia

Blue is just about 6 months old here.
His "6 month birthday" was August 27th, 2005. Zas, like any
female, tolerates Blue, but they are good friends really.

This is John and Blue in obedience class at Animal Inn. He was 14 weeks in June of 2005. Pretty soon we will have some more pictures so you can see Blue and Zas a little better.


Zasu and Blue's 2005 Christmas picture. Aren't they cute???!!!

Christmas 2008

The Bogema crew - Christmas 2008

Blue, Zasu and Sophie

Blue was 4 years old on February 24, 2009. Happy Birthday Blue!