Heart of Minnesota Great Dane Club, Inc.


Officers for 2021

President - Theresa Fursa

1st Vice President - Denny Land

2nd Vice President - Fay Rogstad

Secretary - Kristen Kenney

Treasurer - Mary Lee Williams

3 Year Board Members

Natalie Alves + Arretta Eggleston

2 Year Board Members

Monica Alves + Mary Ann Land

1 Year Board Members

Mark VanderWaal + Amy Jasper

GDCA Delegate - Margaret Ontl


The Heart of Minnesota Great Dane Club was founded in the early 1960's by a small group of Dane owners in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area for the purpose of exchanging ideas and offereng help to those interested in the breed.

Since that time, the club has grown to include members from the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa, and we are still growing. We are one of over 50 clubs affiliated with the Great Dane Club of America, Inc.

The H.M.G.D.C., Inc. is designed to protect and promote our "loveable giants" and accomplishes this objective through monthly meetings, Dane rescue, breeder referral, and of course our Specialty Shows and Puppy Sweepstakes.
A Heart of Minnesota Great Dane Club membership entitles you to a subscription to the monthly club newsletter (also available to non-club members at a nominal charge), awards for achievement in the conformation and performances competition, and a chance to actively participate in club activities.
Our greatest success, of course, has been our dogs. The years have seen many club Danes win Championships in the breed ring, many titles in obedience and agility trials, and the hearts of those who know them.
Monthly Meetings: Our monthly meetings are a wonderful opportunity to meet other Dane owners and breeders.
Guests are warmly welcomed and all persons interested in Great Danes are encouraged to attend the meetings. Further information can be found at the club's web site at: http://www.hmgdc.org/.
The Heart of Minnesota Great Dane Club, Inc., publishes a monthly newsletter, the BULLETIN.
In addition to printing the minutes of club meetings, the BULLETIN carries articles relating to health issues, nutrition, and training; posts show results and provides information about upcoming events; and prints information from the Great Dane Club of America.

The BULLETIN is available to members free of charge. Non-members can obtain copies for an annual fee of $10.00 to cover postage and expenses. If you are interested, please contact Mary Ann Land at her email address.

We also have an HMGDC Handbook that is filled with great information for sale. Please see that page for more information.

Here is a "club information" document with contact information listed on it and information about "The Great Dane" that we use for educational events.

Please see the club history page for more interesting information.

HMGDC Contact Information

We have an HMGDC Yahoo Group. Club members may subscribe to the list here. hmgdc-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. Send a message to the email list with this address. hmgdc@yahoogroups.com Our group is private. If people don’t want other people to see their Facebook page, but they want an easy way to just send an email to the club members that sign up for our list, they can just post an email to the group instead. If everyone joined this group, then they could post messages to the group any time they want and have everyone notified a little easier. This is the URL for our group. Bookmark it and give it a try. http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/hmgdc/

Club Contacts

education@hmgdc.org – Nancy Parker

Yahoo Group


HMGDC Facebook Private Group page


HMGDC Facebook Public page



showchair@hmgdc.org Fay Rogstad

rescue@hmgdc.org – Diane Levin

secretary@hmgdc.org–Kristen Kenney

maryannland@hmgdc.org – Webmaster – Mary Ann Land

marylee1012@gmail.com - Membership

hmgdc_info@hmgdc.org - Club information

Thank you for your interest in our club.


HMGDC Bylaws

(Click on the link for the Bylaws file)