The links to photos from the National are on Facebook. You should be able to get to the pages by clicking on them.

Welcome Party

Futurity 1st Day - Dogs

Futurity - 1st Day

Futurity - 1st Day - continued

Futurity - 2nd Day

Futurity Dogs II

Top 20

Many people have joined Facebook since the National. It's a great way to meet new Great Dane friends or just converse more easily with existing ones with just a few short sentences.

You don't have to join Facebook so see these photos. You can click on the links above. But, if you join Facebook, and want to see the photos on the site,  just ask Mary Ann Land for an invite or send a request to be approved. That way you can make comments on each of the photos or remark on another person's comments. It's real easy and a lot of fun. You can start out by joining Facebook at

So far no one has encountered any spam using Facebook at all. Check it out. There have been a lot of people surprised at how much fun it can be.


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