HMGDC Articles

Dr. Vicki WilkeDr. Vicki Wilke sent us information on OCD, which she talked about at our April 2008 meeting. There are 5 documents listed below that talk about OCD and also how to do the cheek swab collection. If you would like to participate in the study, and you weren't at the meeting to receive the cheek swabs, feel free to email her and she will mail them out to you. 

Cheek Swab Collection - Great Danes

Consent Form from the U of M for OCD Study on Great Danes

U of M OCD Study Questionnaire

Questions and Answers about OCD

U of M Poster on OCD

Pet First Aid - An Article when we attended a First Aid Class

New Minnesota Dog and Cat Legislation 2007

JP Yousha's addemdum to the Canine Flu article

Determining the Best Age at Which to Spay or Neuter